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Welcome to Abirami Nursing

Welcome to Sree Abirami College of Nursing

"Nursing is an art and if it is made to be an art it requires an exclusive devotion and hardwork"
- Florence Nightingale.

Nursing can be described as both an art and a science; a heart and a mind. Florence nightingale, known as 'The lady with lamp', revolutionized nursing care and pioneer of modern nursing. Nursing is originated from latin word 'NUTRIX' - to nourish. It has always been synonymous.

Sree Abirami College Of Nursing empowers the nursing education to the students how to navigate the difficult moral situations and fulfill their ethical obligation to the society. We support our students to deliver dignified human care, regardless of failings and the social context of care. Our professionals teach the best nursing practice, health policy and the social concerns that impact patient well being. We provide the right direction to set out framework of evaluating nursing excellence.

Our institution provide the student to deliver their best. The certificates of our institution are recognized by both the Tamilnadu and central government which helps the student to pursue their career in India or other countries.

About us

Sree Abirami Charitable Trust was formed under the chairmanship of Dr.P.Periyaswamy during the year 1996 with strong ideals to provide quality healthcare to humanity, by means of providing quality education.

Sree Abirami college was started in the year 2008 as an organization to empower the students to reach their true potential and to lead healthcare change.

We provide advance scope of practice to empower the students to deliver the excellence and lead healthcare. A challenging and noble profession nursing, which forever great in the eyes of humanity.


Your Career path begins here

Join with us to create a better tomorrow. Discover your potentials here. We develop the best education with values for next generation. Your dream is our mission. Our institution will guide you to develop a new passion of learning for shaping a better future with best job.

Sree Abirami Hospital

Sree Abirami Hospital, part of trust concerned with service is the brainchild of two renowned eminent personalities Dr.P.Periaswamy and Dr.Kunthavi Devi, and ably supported by the family members of medical professionals Who feels the gratification of selfless service and are committed to their excellence in their profession. Their strength and passion is to deliver a quality healthcare to the people.

The hospital started in 1992, has grown into 300 bedded multispeciality hospitalwith ISO:9008 certification and best health care recognization.

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sree abirami Nursing college sree abirami Nursing college sree abirami Nursing college
sree abirami Nursing college


Immediate job opportunities are available at Sree Abirami Hospitals. Prime importance is given for the students graduated from our institution for immediate placement in our own hospital.

sree abirami Nursing college

Clinical Facilities

The clinical experience is provided to the students in Sree Abirami Hospital[parent hospital] which is 300 bedded multispeciality hospital.The college provides training for multidisciplinary clinical experience in community health nursing both urban and rural areas.The faculty members are posted for guiding the students in all the areas at the ratio of 1:10.

sree abirami Nursing college


The co-curricular and extra curricular activities organised regularly through Student Nurses Association [SNA].The students participate in various inter college competions ,exhibitions ,awareness camps, rallies and community development programmes to promote the extra and co-curricular activities of the students.

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